Quest for Peace.

Who Am I? What Is my mission here, if I have one? Why I feel paralyzed? I need to go within. It is difficult when you feel you are running out of time. Feeling like you are in a race all the time but at the same time doing nothing to win. I don’t even … Continue reading Quest for Peace.

The making of The Treasure, an original song.

How I wrote and recorded an original song and made a music video in less than a half a day while doing other labors in the house and dealing with mental struggle. First I have to say it is an honor to share this with you. Time ago I didn't even have the tools to … Continue reading The making of The Treasure, an original song.

Self love ~ God given purpose ~ Divinely guided ~ Love embodiment.

“When you’re going to build something, you choose the best materials to create that in mind. Putting your heart into it and choosing the most suitable tools for the labor. In the creation process you make sure to use beautiful colors combinations and marvelous shapes for the design. Giving it all you got knowing it … Continue reading Self love ~ God given purpose ~ Divinely guided ~ Love embodiment.

Loving someone

Loving someone is a gift that we must embrace. Every act of love comes out from a true desire to explore the other person's feelings and letting them into our life to be explored by them. Finding similarities and polarities, seeing what is in them and letting them see what is in you with or … Continue reading Loving someone

To be in the cocoon.

To be in the cocoon Is easy You have to make it simple The days of caterpillar have passed Now you have been guided to The new facet It is the love convolution Where you surround yourself with All kinds of power Where you connect with the deepest Meaning of life You go into your … Continue reading To be in the cocoon.