How To Make Your Own Tooth Powder

Make this remedy for tooth decay with only 7 ingredients. I wanted to share this with you all because I think a lot of people need to know that there are alternatives when it comes to our health. In this case our oral health is the theme here and how to make a good solution … Continue reading How To Make Your Own Tooth Powder

Being sick 😷 what to do about it 😣😖😓

Stop being afraid of detox symptoms! People usually try to stop a detox from happening in many different ways. It can be by suppressing the feelings with pain killers. Or by not paying attention to the signs in their bodies. This way may give them a relieve for a while, but that only makes it … Continue reading Being sick 😷 what to do about it 😣😖😓

Chia pudding with blueberries

I always like to feel at ease in my body. We all do. I get inspired by ways in how to do this. I found out that feeding myself with the right kind of foods help me to stay hydrated, motivated and in balance within myself. So today I want to share with you all … Continue reading Chia pudding with blueberries

How to stop being constipated

More than what we do is what there is to do”Functioning correctly is key to our wellbeing, so is the things that we allow to go into our bodies. If we want to achieve more or just to feel at peace in the moment we need to be healthy. Two weeks ago started the Season … Continue reading How to stop being constipated

Dealing with health issues

Where to start?! This is something to talk about. And I think we all should be listening more. But what brought me to talk about health? Look I see everyday people who are in agony and pain, even ones that look healthy on the outside are suffering with different uncomfortable things in their body. It … Continue reading Dealing with health issues

Consejos Sanos

No le tengas miedo a los síntomas de enfermedad pues estos te avisan cuando tú cuerpo necesita ser sanado urgentemente. El cuerpo nos avisa. Para protegernos. Para que reaccionemos y dejemos de llenarlo con productos que no nos hacen bien. Pero cuando los síntomas de malestar vienen nos tendemos a sentir mal y como no … Continue reading Consejos Sanos

Un mes completo comiendo crudo 😍💚🌱

Hola 👋 cómo están?! Espero que bien 😊 Hoy se culmina el mes que he comido completamente crudo! Sii 🙌 Febrero te amo 🥰 Me siento agradecida por este logro. Gracias 🙏 Todo el mes de febrero ha sido de comida cruda vegana. Exceptuando una que otra probada de miel 🍯. Y escribiendo yo misma … Continue reading Un mes completo comiendo crudo 😍💚🌱

Finding Your Life Purpose – Aligning with God’s Plan

Now more than ever we need to be asking ourselves the very important question: “What am I doing with my energy?” Most people in society are using their energy to work jobs that they don’t enjoy, for corporations that harm the planet, so that they can use their hard-earned money to consume things that are … Continue reading Finding Your Life Purpose – Aligning with God’s Plan

Pereza o Relajación?

Hay una gran diferencia entre vagancia y relajamiento. No hay nada que me atrae mucho de la pereza, es simplemente tontería, distracción y olvido. Pero relajamiento es bueno. Solo estar en silencio, alerto y consciente del momento, estar en meditación, centrado con la vida y con lo que sucede - no sucede. De la pereza … Continue reading Pereza o Relajación?