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“We have the right to be born, to live and grow, to laugh and be happy.”

Disclaimer: All my experiences are personal. This is a personal blog. With this I mean do not take for absolute truth everything I say here. This is not intended to be medical or psychological advice for anybody. If you need therapy or help search for a certified physician and/or a doctor that can help you. What I share here in the blog is only for tracking my progress and for those who resonate with it. If you don’t feel fully related to any of this content please do not take my word for advice. Takes what resonates with you and what serves you. I am not a professional offering their services to the public. I am just a woman that works with friends sharing our life experiences and insights with the world for whom this may serve. Thank you.

Best always, Keila.

Our lectures

The Breath

Reminding us to focus on our breath can be life saving.


As we receive our blessing from God every day we feel inspired to share.

The Diet

Bring to life your senses again eating consciously in a healthy way.

Healthy Journey

Explore our posts. They are related to how the body can heal using our life energy and natural medicine. Share your experience in the comments. Connect with us. We are here to help.

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Earth’s Ultimatum

One of the biggest issues humanity has to confront right now is the inability of each individual to live by sustainable and self-sufficient agricultural ecosystems. We’ve taken away our focus from planting our food and having a meaningful connection with what we put in our bodies. In consequence, we go ungrounded trying to make sense … Continue reading Earth’s Ultimatum

Self love ~ God given purpose ~ Divinely guided ~ Love embodiment.

“When you’re going to build something, you choose the best materials to create that in mind. Putting your heart into it and choosing the most suitable tools for the labor. In the creation process you make sure to use beautiful colors combinations and marvelous shapes for the design. Giving it all you got knowing it … Continue reading Self love ~ God given purpose ~ Divinely guided ~ Love embodiment.

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