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“We have the right to be born, to live and grow, to laugh and be happy.”

The Spark

There are not enough voices speaking the truth. It starts with each one of us. Tierra Monarca invites you to listen and pay attention to the signs that are calling your attention to make a change. It could be in the diet, in lifestyle, in a behavior or old pattern. It is always time to let go of what makes our soul decay and embrace what makes us dance and sing in joy. Being grateful is the answer and love is the way. I hope you feel welcomed here and feel free to stay.

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“Our destiny are inside each one of us, all you have to do is be brave enough to see it” – Brave.

About the writer

Keila is a manifestation of source energy having a human experience. She likes to share about holistic health and the welfare of the ecosystems. She created Tierra Monarca to unite like-minded people in co-creating a harmonious life.

Healthy Journey

Explore posts related to how the body heals using life energy and natural medicine. Share your experience in the comments. And connect with us. We are here to help.

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Holistic Life Coach, Healers, Raw vegans, Vegans, Artists, Explorers and Fathers. All of them have something in common. The love for God and the planet.

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“I been reading it. It Helped me a lot! I feel at peace at some point. It is filled with hope.”

Lissbeth Hernández

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Our writers put together all of their passion for holistic health and bring you inspiring lectures that will add good to your experience.

The Breath

Reminding us to focus on our breath can be life saving.


As we receive our blessing from God every day we feel inspired to share.

The Diet

Bring to life your senses again eating consciously in a healthy way.

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There are people like you working for our wellbeing. Let’s help each other to co-create a bright future a positive one.